Octubre 7

Moonrise Kingdom, by Enrique Elsaca

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Moonrise Kingdom is a Wes Anderson´s film released in 2012. Its main characters are played by Jared Birman and Kara Hayward, but the cast includes famous actors such us Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton. This dramatic comedy has won various awards along with several nominations to the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe.

The story is about two unpopular kids who decide to run away from society. Each one escapes from their own oppressing realities in a carefully thought plan to live an idyllic life, as a couple, in the woods. In their elopement they reach their so longed happiness, creating a world just for themselves. But adults can´t understand this, so they quickly frustrate their plan, bringing them back to their unbearable realities.

What dragged my attention the most was the eloquent well-written screenplay. They created awkwardly beautiful dialogues between the two kids, whose touchy phrases illustrated perfectly their love for each other and their feelings toward the outside world. Even when they stayed quiet you could perceive a tacit communication in how they stared at each other.

In my opinion, it was an entertaining movie. Though in some passages the movie loses dynamism, it still gives you memorable scenes, in which you can taste some of Anderson´s extravagancy. Without being one of my favorites, it stills remains highly recommendable.


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